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Premium Ethnic Ashanti Pendants

Premium Ethnic Ashanti Pendants

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🆕Premium Ethnic Ashanti Pendant Necklaces -Unisex Men Women Boys Girls

ADINKRA: translates to "good bye", or "farewell" in the Asante Twi Language.
Originating from the Kingdom of Ashanti in present-day Ghana, West Africa.These are the farewell symbols of strength & courage in commemoration of the lost Warriors, Kings and Queens in the fight for freedom and liberation.


Superior Craftsmanship ✨Premium Quality

Product Specifications:

·Necklace Type: Premium Pendants Necklace
·Hypoallergenic: Sensitive Skin-Friendly
·Pendants Material: Stainless Steal(Polished)
·Other Materials: Natural Pearl, Gemstones,Clasp Leather
·Nickel Free: Yes
·Product Weight: Approx. 10 grams
·Pendant Length: Approx. 3.4CM
·Pendant Width: Approx. 2.9CM
·Product Delivery: Between 3-7 Days
·Item Model UPC: APU-0195627N
NB: Please do not shower with pendants for longer preserving quality and lifespan. If item comes into contact with rain or any wet surface, wipe with dry cloth immediately.
Follow our Necklace and Chain Size Guide:
Necklaces vary by chain length. The circumference of everybody's neck is different and therefore the way the necklace sits on each person will be uniquely different from shown ad materials


1.Measure and cut any available string equal to necklace length.
2. Place it around your neck to see where it falls by also considering the size and shape of the pendant for right balance
3. Do same for the different lengths & necklace types to find your perfect fit
Size Guide:
16"- Choker Length.
17-18"- At collarbone.
20"- A few inches below collarbone.
22"- At or above neckline.
24"- Below the neckline.   


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